Welcome to Indiana Health Choice Coalition

Welcome to Indiana Health Choice Coalition


Mission Statement


There is a constant effort in our country to remove the rights of individuals to make medical and health decisions for themselves and their families. Our mission at Indiana Health Choice Coalition is to:

1. Provide educational material and content so parents can have access to information that will allow them to make educated health decisions, and have true informed consent.

2. Work with businesses, schools, and other public organizations by making sure they are providing fully accurate information to parents about Indiana state vaccination requirements.

3. Support legislation that protects our basic human rights to make medical and health decisions for our families.

At Indiana Health Choice Coalition, we are dedicated to standing up for parental rights, and making a difference in people’s lives. We want you to be confident and comfortable in the health decisions you are making for yourself and your family. 

About Our Logo: Why A Firefly?

 When looking for a symbol to represent our group, we learned the spectacular summertime insect was recently chosen as Indiana’s state insect because of the perseverance of young student advocates at Cumberland Elementary School in West Lafayette. We also feel the firefly makes a profound statement by “shining a light in the darkness.”  Our group hopes to serve as a beacon of light for all parents looking for answers to long overdue questions.  It is our desire to empower all with knowledge.

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